Just imagine: Two of you strapped into an enclosed safety cockpit, one has the throttle controls, and the other has the steering wheel. Wrapped around you is a five ton state-of-the-art carbon kevlar composite powerboat, and behind you, two 1200 hp turbo charged engines, capable of speeds in excess of 170mph-265km/h ….…breathtaking, exciting, frightening, and some might even suggest……. utter lunacy! The season will consist of six Grand Prix, totalling 12 races, at stunning venues in China, Africa, Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East, that will see ZaboRacing competing with, and against, teams and competitors from around the world including America, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Italy, Brazil, China, Norway, Qatar, Gabon, Turkey, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

  • ………………The Prize!:- the Class 1 World Title, and the most coveted trophy in world powerboat racing – the Sam Griffith Trophy.