Terracina, Italy: Day 3, Race 2

Needless to say we are very disappointed at being robbed of our first win, but everyone is still very positive about how we, as a team, have evolved to where we are today, and the expectations we put upon ourselves to be a resident of the podium at every Grand Prix.

The issue today was that after the start was aborted, the start boat broke down and the race boats had to muster for over 20 minutes with engines running! – we allow fuel for aborted starts, but not for 25 or so minutes of going round in circles waiting for the race to start again.
Just before the restart, ourselves, Fendi and Victory all asked for the race to be reduced by one lap because of fuel issues, but the Race Director refused, and at that point, our fate was sealed. The three leading teams know that weight can be the difference between 1st and 2nd, so we calculate accordingly…… but apparently the UIM don’t have the ability to understand that concept.

Just click the image below to watch the highlights of Race 2 at Terracina

Terracia Italy.... Day 3 Race 2

Terracia Italy.... Day 3 Race 2

But with all that, due to the fantastic job done by Jan, Christian, Ugur, Rolf and everyone on the team, we are now 2nd in the World Championship, and that is something to genuinely celebrate

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