Abu Dhabi 2013…. Race 1

What a race! – we experienced mechanical problems before the start of race 1, and literally minutes before the white flag went up for the boats to move out to the start line, we where tightening the bolts on the new gearbox and cleaning the pontoon where half the workshop tools where resting.

And race we did! – Christian and Ugur drove with consistency, quality and precision that seen us come over the line second fastest and brought us to equal second in the world championship alongside Victory Australia, and 16 points behind World Championship leaders, Victory Dubai.

Today is without doubt thee most exciting day for the team, where potentially we could become World Champions….. though we will be depending on the hand of good fortune.

If Victory Dubai fail to finish, and we can stay ahead of Victory Australia and finish 1st or 2nd, then we win the World Championship.

Its that simple.

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