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….. and a little bit more ‘raw’ video!


Excuse my video skills….. especially when standing on a pontoon and well deserved hugs being handed out

[wpvideo vChfXQqk w=640]


Race Control and a view of where the FaceBook updates where coming from. We where still getting info at this point from Rory Power the Race Director (the guy in the headphones)

[wpvideo qpipoGcj]

Relekta 3rd……… and on the podium!

I am lost for words if truth be told.

Christian and Paul drove their heart out today, but what they achieved, is more that just a 3rd place………. it is an incredible achievement for a team that is not yet 7 months old, a team that has completed a total of 4 Grand Prix’s, and a team that against all the odds, has today stood on the podium within that short time frame.

It is amazing, and a reflection of Jan Zaborowski’s experience, expertise and ability to bring together a group of people, and mould them into a winning team.

Everyone knew we had the ability, we had the boat, we had the pilots, the crew and the leadership, and I have preached on this website for long enough about not ‘IF‘ we win, but ‘WHEN’ we win!……. and with a 4th yesterday, a third today, it’s just a matter of time.

We go to Dubai in two weeks with the same confidence with which we came to Abu Dhabi a week ago, only this time, everyone else will be a little more worried about Zabo Racing.

2011 is going to be a great year.

You wait and see.

[wpvideo T3nAOoLc]

EDIT: Just had a longer chat with Christian, and as expected, he’s more annoyed about the little mistakes they made! – he reckons they should have been 1st!……… I don’t think I have ever came across anyone that is so ‘driven’ as this Zaborowski man.

I had to tell him to shut up and enjoy the moment! LOL

Abu Dhabi – Friday morning.

Well it’s another roasting hot day here in Abu Dhabi…. already well over 30 degrees!

The morning practice has just been completed, 3 laps and Relekta 91 was running beautiful. Speaking to both Stig and Trond afterwards, they agreed that nothing at all needed attention, and they where very happy with the engine set-up.

The big race, starts at 3pm today, (12.00 Oslo), and I’ll be back immediately after that with another update.

In other news:

Last night was the ‘Gala Dinner’ and the entire team attended. An excellent night, though for this Irishman it was a first not to have so much as a glass of wine with my meal…….. but I must concede, the apple juice was very tasty.

However, we  took the opportunity to ask Simon, one of the Class-1 official photographers, to take a team photo.

Abu Dhabi 2010 - Zabo Racing Team - (click on the picture to enlarge it)

As I say, I’ll be back in a few hours with a further update of how the final race went.